In Search of History

29edf6e7cf452805e848d7975308c1f9The key lesson of the 20th century is that democracy is far more fragile than we might think.

Prior to WWII, fascist ideas were increasingly accepted. The energetic growth of Nazi organizations spread across America in the 1930’s. This appeal of fascists ideas were held by such prominent citizens as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, who went so far as to praise Hitler.

At the time, Jews served the same role as immigrants and minorities do today.  It was believed that Jews posed threats that were undermining America’s greatness. In 1942 a Gallup poll showed that a growing number of Americans thought Hitler was doing the “right thing” to Jews. This is similar to what many Americans think about what Trump is doing to immigrants and foreign minorities today: “the right thing”.  While secure borders are critical to our national security, we need to keep in mind those who are seeking a safe haven by border crossing. These people need humane treatment not imprisonment. There are times when doing what seems “the right thing” is actually a slippery slope toward the undermining of  our democracy. Is our ‘Shining Hill’ becoming a tarnished one?

14 thoughts on “In Search of History

  1. Our ‘Shining Hill’ has already become tarnished to the point of undermining our Democracy. And it’s up to those of us who believe in the words of Emma Lazarus, inscribed on a plaque on the base of our Statue of Liberty, to fight to win it back. The trumps, the mcconnels and the ryans of this great nation must be forced back under the rocks and into the crevices from which they’ve crawled out. Your analogy of the plight of the Jews in the past to that of foreign immigrants of today who are yearning to be free, is true and accurate. It’s just so very sad and unfortunate that it must exist to be examined. RESIST! OBSTRUCT! OBJECT! PROTEST! And, above all, VOTE!

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  2. The “right thing” is to get off recreational drugs, like heroin, cocaine and the synthetics. The “right thing” is to encourage the people being savaged in their native lands to build unity and fight back. The “right thing” is to change one’s mindset towards women and children, so that the thought of them as playthings is completely abhorrent. Yes, RESIST. Resist the things that are underlying all this border strife.

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  3. There is more than one way to secure a border…we used to do it by creating solid and trustworthy friends who would share in our protection. At the rate we are making enemies and being proud to do so, we are gonna need an ever bigger wall…and now potential friends are going to want some insurance before committing to us. Job well done…enjoy.

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    1. Sadly, Daniela, the mindsets of which you speak, cannot be changed because they are immune to critical thought. Those minds must be ignored while we focus on registering and bringing the majority of liberal minds to the polls in November. Liberals are, unquestionably, in the great majority, but they also, for some unexplainable reason, do not vote in large numbers. Ensure that every Liberal friend, acquaintance, or family member gets to the polls to cast their ballot for Blue legislators on every level of government. That’s the only hope for the continuation of our Democratic Republic in the form provided for by our Founding Fathers and that will provide for life, liberty, happiness and domestic tranquility for all of our citizens.

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  4. Hi Daniela, thank you. I’ll keep trying. It seems to me that so many people are unaware of our history and the battles we have undertaken to maintain our democracy. As the proverbial saying goes: Those who do not remember or understand history, are condemned to repeat it…


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