Eulie’s Song is a story of Love, and the Longings of the Heart.


Love is a powerful force.

Love will define the choices of two girls born a century apart. Choices that will impact not only themselves, but the lives of those they love.

One act of desperation in a moment of fear.

Eulie, born into slavery, had suffered at the hands of cruel men. She was haunted by the heartbreaking choice she made.

Leela, the child of a marriage based on lies, is haunted by nightmares, and dreams she can’t remember. Bullied because of her stutter, she refuses to speak. More than anything, she wants to be like other teenage girls.

When Leela goes to live in her grandmother’s Ante Bellum mansion in the segregated South, she discovers a story inscribed within the beautiful old mural in her bedroom. Lonely, she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the artist. Digging into the past, she uncovers a secret so shocking, it upends everything she has ever believed. But when the past and present collide, the lives of those she loves are threatened. 

Will the cost of revealing the truth about her family’s past be worth the price she will have to pay?

12 thoughts on “Eulie’s Song is a story of Love, and the Longings of the Heart.

  1. Dear Lauren-
    Your new book certainly looks intriguing ! I wish you only the greatest of fortunes – I’m betting it will be a super success –
    Douglas A. Keehn
    United Airlines
    Boeing 787
    Airline Pilot / Author
    Where Dolphins Walk

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    1. Hi Douglas, nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kinds words. Success is a challenge in today’s market. We are the author, publisher and marketer. It’s a full time job with no guarantee our books will become best sellers.
      Still, we carry on because we have stories to tell and we love telling them. I will definitely check out your book. I have been swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin research center, and as a scuba diver. They are a special species.
      Best wishes for your success, and I will be happy to put your book on my sites. I can’t promise to read it in the near future as my WIP keeps me engaged, but I will put it on my Want to read list. Are you on Goodreads? Is your book live on Amazon? Kindle? I will check it out.
      Take care, Lauren


  2. Doug, I have just purchased your book, and I’ve started reading it immediately. Yes, Dolphins, your experience with them, was apparently life changing. It’s their eyes, the way they look at you directly. It’s as if they know something we don’t. And of course, they do know something, something we humans lost long ago, or at least, most of us. I’ve been given rides by wild dolphins; they bump you and offer you a fin, and they you are off for the ride of your life. The most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ll do a review as my time allows, in the meantime, I’m enjoying your words.
    Sincerely, Lauren
    You’ve spoken from your innermost self, and I like that.

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