Will You Miss Me?


When I am long in my eternal repose

Will you still miss me?

When the leaves dash against your window, unaccountably

Will you pause?

When the clouds blanket the sun, though a shadow passes over

Will you wonder?

When a cold spot lingers near your bed in the heat of summer

Will you shiver, just a bit?

When a favorite book flutters from my desk to the floor

Will you simply turn away?

When from the corner of your eye, you glimpse a movement

Will you deny, it might have been I?

Hunting and Gathering in America — Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

Over the past few days I’ve watched several Trump surrogates attempt to deflect questions from women, young girls, and reporters about the recent allegations against Donald Trump. Mike Pence, when given a question asked by an eleven year-old girl who felt disheartened by Trump’s language, switched to a conversation about foreign policy. Ben Carson, when […]

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