The Power of Words

The Bird and the Sword, by Amy Harmon 4 Stars

This is a fantasy story about a young girl whose words can become real. In 41ifwVwC9fL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_her world, those with gifts like healing or shifting or telling, are being hunted. It is against the law to have magical gifts. Lark sees her mother killed in front of her for something Lark did. So she doesn’t speak. Her words are only in her head, but still, they have magic. Tiras, the son of the King who killed Lark’s mother is secretly gifted as well.

There is evil about in the land. Strange flying creatures are killing people everywhere and Tiras, fully grown and now  king after is father’s death,  has come for Lark and he needs her and her words to combat the new evil.

So this is the story of their fight for good over evil and along the way they fall in love. But love has its dangers too.

The writing is excellent and is a nice read. I fully enjoyed it and recommend it. I think YA readers will really enjoy this novel.





The Gods of Anthem

Dystopian with a Twist!Gods of Athem

The Story line: Well, a kitchen sink full of characters

Cancer is endemic. Much of the world’s population has died or is dying. Those who linger are sent to an island to die. Many others become zombies and roam in the wilds. The Authority rises to rule and those with money live opulent lives in a guarded society. But there is a rebellion growing, a grass roots thing. A secret military is surgically developing a new breed of superior soldiers to fight the zombies.

This is an offbeat story, but surprisingly engaging . Told from the POV of two protagonists.

Liza is a young cancer survivor who has been bitten twice by zombies and lived. More than lived. She has become incredibly strong.  She meets The Writer, Jeremy who is a leader in the rebellion against the Authority.

Tommy is a young soldier who has been modified. When angry, he turns into a raging monster,  (Hulk-ish).

The Author, Logan Keys take dystopia to a new off beat level, but it works!

The Writing: really good

The Characters: complex but inconsistent

Humor: tongue in cheek

Pacing: Fast, mostly, but meanders at times.

Sex: Some. (well, an almost rape scene)

Overall: Interesting. 4 stars because most of it kept my interest.