Summer Beach Reads

Seabreeze Inn: When Ivy’s life comes to a crashing halt after her husbands death only to find out he has spent their life savings on a dilapidated old beach house, she had no choice but to renovate the place with what she has left. With her recently jilted and heartbroken sister, they head to Summer Beach to try to reinvent their lives. What they find is intrigue and new romance.

The Bookstore On the Beach: When Autumn’s Divac’s husband goes missing, she leads an intensive search to no avail. Desperate to keep her family intact for the sake of her two teenage children, she moves to the place she was raised and works in her mother’s bookstore at a charming beachside town. But life keeps throwing her curve balls. Her mother is hiding a terrible secret and her daughter has unresolved problems. Then, to top it all of, she comes into contact with an old high school crush, the boy she never forgot. Should she rekindle that love, or hold out for her husband in case he returns.

The Summer of Lost and Found: In this beautifully written novel, the Rutledge family faces more challenges. Life in the time of Covid 19 has many challenges, and for Linnea this is doubly true. She has just been furloughed from the job she loves, her new love is detained in England, and her old flame is quarantined in the garage apartment on the property. Still, it is summer and the beach cottage on the island has salt laden breezes, sea turtles and sea oats on the dunes. Here, relationships are challenged, love is tested and the Rutledge family learns how life’s challenges brings both heartache and life’s renewal.