Deep and Heartrending,wonderful in every respect.

51j5p18mJNL__AC_US218_Delia Owens has crafted a novel with incredible details and a protagonist who will capture your heart.

When  six year old Kya is abandoned first by her mother and then her father, she is left to fend for herself in a hobbled together shack built by long deceased relatives.  Taught to be aware of strangers and the civilized world beyond the Marshlands and the coast of North Carolina, Kya grows up isolated from human contact. Her friends are the denizens of the Marsh and ocean. Gulls, fireflies and every sort of animal and insect become known to her. Kya learns to fish, steer a flat bottom boat, take care of the engine and dig for mussels which she sells to a kind old colored man named Jumpin’ who runs the wharf.

Kya comes to be known as The Marsh Girl. She is gossiped about and humiliated by the towns folk.

Her one friend is a young boy named, Tate. He is as attracted to the Marsh and ocean has he is to Kya. Eventually, he teaches Kya to read. He gives her science books and poetry. But time passes and Tate must leave her to go to college. Kya feels abandoned again, and her love for Tate breaks her heart. Several years pass, Kya is now a young woman and is preyed upon by the neighboring town’s football star and playboy, Chase. He lures Kya, who is desperate for human contact, into a sexual relationship with promises of marriage. But Kya learns he has married someone else. She breaks off all contact, but he refuses to let her go. One day he attempts to rape her. Beaten and bloodied, she fights back and runs.

Yet, Kya knows he will not stop, that he will keep coming after her. She knows she can’t live in fear waiting for his next attack.

Months later, Chase is found dead from a sixty foot fall from a fire tower within the Marsh. There are no prints or anything to actually connect Kya. In fact, she has an alibi confirmed by numerous people. Still, Kya is accused and arrested. The trial is portrayed in great detail. (No spoilers here!)

This is a wonder of a novel, crafted beautifully. I loved, loved this novel and highly recommend it for New Adults and Adults.




It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover

This novel grabs you and sweeps you into a story  of love, lust and betrayal. At turns comic and tragic, It Ends With Us explores abuse from those who are supposed to protect and love us and those we fall in love with.

It Ends With Us

Lily Bloom is fresh out of college when she meets a young doctor who is just finishing his residency. And even though there is an immediate attraction, they both go their own ways. He’s not interested in a serious relationship, ever,  he insists and she’s busy starting her own business.

Eventually Ryle and Lily meet again, both having never forgotten each other. They fall in madly love and marry.

But a young man from Lily’s youth, her first love, enters the picture. Atlas was a homeless high school student. Lily helped him survive while at the same time doing her best to prevent her father from being abusive to her mother. Lily’s father had been abusive to her mother for years. Atlas was her best friend and she leaned on him to help get her through the heartache of watching the continued abuse of her mother.

Years later, Lily and Atlas reconnect as friends and nothing more, as they both have a profound and deep respect for the other.

 Lily is in love with her husband, she trusts him and respects him. The first time he strikes her, it’s deemed a mistake, he didn’t mean to and he’s sorry. He loves her and does everything he can to make up for his actions. At first, Lily blames herself, just as her mother did.  But is she strong enough to stop it? Or will she endure it, making excuses, just as her mother did. When Ryle sees Lily and Atlas innocently talking it sets into motion a series of events that will shatter their marriage.

Domestic abuse is insidious, the abuser often excuses his actions by shifting the blame to his wife, or girlfriend. This enthralling novel explores how the abuser and his victim unwittingly conspire though co-dependency, and how the abuse can dangerously escalate.

I highly recommend this exceptionally well written novel. I  couldn’t put it down.



Court of Mists and Fury

Four Stars for the Court of Mists and Fury514U7MT9OIL__SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

Eventually, I got into the story and it was surprisingly good. Though the first few chapters put me off and I think they could have been improved on. Having said that, the rest of the novel was  exceptional for a fantasy novel.  It was the initial graphic sex sequence that put me off more than anything and fortunately, there was only one more.

The characters of Rhys and Feyre are fully realized and totally believable. They are exceptional characters and I fell in love with both of them. Though I’m not generally a fan of fantasy, I was able to suspend my disbelief and I cheered for both of them.

Feyre is a woman who graves independence over love and protection. She is her own woman and consequences be damned. I love that about her! Rhys is a man for all seasons. His evolving love for Feyre is clear and concise, and he is ready to sacrifice himself to not only save her, but to save his people. He wants to protect her, but he also recognizes she cannot be owned. She is his equal partner in everyway.

The writing is terrific, filled with emotion and gut wrenching moments. The story moved forward in a logical progression with twists and turns that kept my interest. There were times when some of it fell a bit short, logically, but all in all it was a great read. The ending is a cliff hanger with a promise for more danger and excitement in the next book. I anxiously await her next installment in the series.

Curently Reading, A Court of Mists and Fury

Disappointed to say the least. I rarely give a bad review, just lucky I guess to find good reads, but…514U7MT9OIL__SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

This is the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses.

First off, the leading lady, Feyre has become a whiney version of her former self. Complaining about everything. The book goes on and on about trivial things and I put it down in exasperation. Picked it up again, thinking, well….

Secondly,  I gasped, and not in a good way, regarding the ubiquitous graphic sex scenes. Sara J. Maas?  I’m surprised. I wasn’t expecting all that stuff from you. Now, I don’t mind some sex scenes, if done in an artsy way, but…EW! It didn’t make sense and didn’t move the story forward in any way.

If someone else has read this, please tell me the story gets better, because I’ve about 500 pages to go and at this rate I’ve wasted $8.99 on my Kindle.

If I do manage to slug my way through, you can bet I’ll do an HONEST review.

The Waiting Room


The new comer is ducking and turning slightly to get through the narrow office door. A swoosh of chilly air follows him. Most of us sit with a book or a magazine in our hands. What else is there to do in a waiting room? We slouch in our uncomfortable chairs, glancing up as if we’d been expecting him, though of course we weren’t. Why would we? Each of us just islands, cocooned in our own little worlds, waiting to be distracted by the simple act of an opening door. I view the new comer from beneath my lashes.  He has the appearance of an unmade bed. His dark coat, one of those Navy Pea Coats, has a scattering of white fur, cat? Ugh. I stifle a sneeze while fumbling through my purse for a tissue. I am not a fan of cats.  Cats are unpredictable, everyone knows that. The new comer leans against the wall by the door, eyeing the only two unoccupied chairs, which happen to be on either side of me.  He winks a blue eye and I cringe to have been caught staring.  I bring my book up to my nose, pretending to be immersed.  “May I?” he says, standing by the chair to my left. I nod, lifting one shoulder in a shrug.  He settles in and I get a scent of soap, Tide?  It’s warm in the room, warmer now that he is so close. From the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of him as he opens his coat, tugging a scarf from around his neck. It’s blue, but not like his eyes.  It’s more of a blueberry color, a purplish blue. He’s staring down at it, twisting it, folding it and refolding it. There is morning stubble on his face, but it’s a nice face, I concede. Square jaw, straight nose and a high forehead; his unruly hair is dark, dark as onyx. It’s the kind of hair you itch to comb, or run your fingers through. ~~~~