A Magical and Thrilling Epic Fantasy

M.L. LeGette, author of The Orphan and the Thief says, K.D Dowdall’s  fantasy novel is reminiscent of The Neverending Story and The Princess Bride.

Kirstin Lenane, author of The Scare: A Halloween Story, says K.D. Dowdall’s novel is beautifully done and should be picked up by any fan of epic fantasy stories.

An out-of-this world, magical, and thrilling epic fantasy

“This mysterious, magical, and thrilling first novel by K.D. Dowdall, is an epic fantasy adventure that will whisk you away by land, by sea, and to a far away realm that we sometimes conjure up in our dreams and nightmares. Dowdall’s vivid imagination and beautifully drawn scenarios are evocative of Tolkien’s, Lord of the Rings and Paolini’s, Eragon. I highly recommend this beautifully written epic fantasy and science fiction trilogy.”

K.L Miller, author of The Starling Trilogy



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