His Majesty’s Dragon

untitled  Temeraire, an irrepressible dragon

From the high seas to the coverts of England, this novel is full of adventure, action and amazingly lovable dragons. There are many kinds of dragons, but Temeraire is special. He is an Imperial Chinese Dragon. The dragons are aviators in the service of his Majesty. Oh, and did I mention they all talk?  And all are very intelligent, as well as brave and loyal to their life long handlers. Laurence, a Navy Captain, is Temeraire’s handler, or co-pilot, if you will. It was happenstance that brought the two together and now they are bonded for life.

Beautifully written and faithfully adhering to the norms and language of the 18 century, Naomi Novik has penned yet another page turner. Adults will enjoy this story, but I think it will resonate even better with YA males and teens.  An enjoyable read.

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