The Realm of Possiblities

51D4kANVYHL__AA160_Eye Dancers, by Michael S. Fedison

That we’re not so alone, you know? Maybe we’re all connected to each other in ways we can’t understand. And that’s okay, I guess. Because maybe we don’t need to understand it.

We just need to believe it.”

Eye Dancers is a delightful and suspenseful coming of age novel, aimed primarily for young boys. The story revolves around four boys during one hot summer. They are friends, well, all but one, Kuslanski who is an outsider, but a real geek, a genius and a loner.  But he will soon be pulled into their nightmares. Joe, Ryan and Mitchell find themselves having the same freaky, terrifying dream, a dream about a girl with weird dancing, twirling blue eyes. She pulls at them with her hypnotic eyes. She is a ghost girl, or so they think.

They enlist Kuslanski, the brain, to help them figure out what’s happening. They are scared, but it is Kuslanski’s logic they need, and they need him to watch over them as they sleep. He’s only supposed to be an observer, but finds himself pulled along with them as the ghost girl’s power engulfs all of them and they are whirled into another dimension.

The ghost girl is in trouble and her very life may be at stake. Only the boys’ can save her, but only if they can find her in time. And so the mystery begins and along the way, each boy finds an unmistakable truth, about who they are and about what it means to be a friend. And about self reflection and acceptance.

Michael is a wonderful and insightful writer. Suspense, humor and pathos combine to make Eye Dancers an exceptional novel, not only for the young, but the young at heart. Reading it, I was pulled back to my own childhood, to the time when we are not sure of ourselves and just learning about life and our place in it.

I highly recommend Eye Dancers, five stars all the way!

2 thoughts on “The Realm of Possiblities

  1. I haven’t seen this book around before, but is ounds like a good one. I like the sound of the four boys, how they all have the same dream, the ghost girl they need to find and the mystery. Do you get all four the boys their point of view?

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  2. Yes, and it’s well done. The transitions from speaker to speaker are pretty smooth almost all of the time. Excellent writing and very good story. I enjoyed it. It’s a great story for middle school, but older kids and adults would also like it.


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