A Wild and Crazy Ride


Ana Spoke’s Shizzle, Inc. is all that and more. Isa Maxwell. the protagonist,  is not just any girl. She’s special, special in a way that must have the God’s looking out for her because of all the bewildering, harrowing incidents that befall her. What’s so funny is that she doesn’t even have the slightest idea what she’s getting into. But she is definitely the girl with the heart of gold, even though she doesn’t know it. After the first few paragraphs, I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, and that was okay because the story swept me in up in a whirlwind of activity, a tornado of events! No problem though, because the cast of characters were just a madcap as Isa. They are all off the grid which makes this novel a singular work of hilarity.

What I love the most was how Isa makes every crazy thing seem just so normal, as if, hey, this is life and I’m living it, even if life itself is nonsensical. Basically, Isa wants Brad, her high school sweet heart who callously dumps her. Will this get Isa down? Nope, not by a long shot. She’s determined to have it all, if only she can get rich and famous. Just because she hasn’t the tiniest be of talent, absolutely no skills, a junky VW that is coughing up it’s last bilge of oil, and living, well squatting in a dump of a house with a roommate who is doped up and certifiably weird, and that’s putting it mildly, Isa remains undaunted. Her friend, Harden, a wannabe DJ who changes his name daily, is the most sane character and who is sweet and lovable.

Isa gets a job a Shizzle, Inc, owned by a billionaire who is totally certifiable, but he sees something in Isa and she gets the job, and boy, whoa, it’s a crazy undertaking, seriously.

Ana has delivered a fresh and completely novel, pun intended, novel. If you are up for a joy ride with all the bumps, crashes and with the characters running around like something right out of the Keystone Cops, this novel is for you.  I highly recommend this novel for anyone who wants a slew of belly laughs!  5 Stars all the way!




3 thoughts on “A Wild and Crazy Ride

  1. I thtink your title for this post sums up your review pretty well, a wild and crazy ride. It does sound like a fun novel and that’s interesting how isa makes every crazy thing sound normal.


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