These Broken Stars

I seldom read co-authored novels and I didn’t mean to this time, but I’m glad I did! 

Four Stars ****

Broken Stars is actually an excellent story, character driven over plot, and well written. The two protagonists, Lilac and Tarver have great chemistry and their dialogue, both verbal and inner, is authentic and interesting. It’s mostly a chic-lit novel. 61Wgw9CXQfL__SX326_BO1,204,203,200_

The two meet on board the galactic starship, the Icarus. Lilac’s father is a mega businessman and the richest man in the universe. He is the builder and owner of the starship.

Lilac is his privileged daughter, haughty to those beneath her like Tarver who is a war hero. She must behave this way to avoid entrapment by those who seek her fortune, and to keep her father from destroying anyone who he feels is beneath their status.

The Icarus goes down on a terra formed planet that is uninhabited, or so Lilac and Tarver , the only survivors of the thousands on board, think.

While they struggle to survive, the two become close, though it is only through many travails that they come to rely on each other.

No spoilers here, but there are surprising twists and turns before the inevitable conclusion. The ending is satisfying. The characters are so well drawn I hated to see them move on. I think another novel just about their lives in the future would be worth the read.

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