The Edge of Everything

The EdgeZoe and her young brother, Jonah are alone in the mountains during a fierce blizzard.  Well, except for the two labs and someone, a very nasty man who wants to kill the dogs, drown them in the lake. This is where X comes in, except that’s not really his name. Where he comes from, most of the inhabitants don’t have names. Well,  at least not any longer.  Zoe names him X because that is the shape his silhouette makes against the orange light. And the orange light is coming from him.

This young adult novel is engaging and keeps the reader turning the pages. Zoe, Jonah and X are interesting characters. The story is fast paced and by the end, the reader is looking for a sequel.  I know I am.

4 thoughts on “The Edge of Everything

  1. tenho utero reetrvtorido nao consigo engravida nao sei se é por causa que tive bolemia e prejudico mais nao consigo engravida qual o metodo mais facil pra engravida meu medico falo pra mim fica de bruço ?!


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