Funny, Ironic and Supernatural


I’ve totally gotten hooked on The Charley Davidson series., and getting ready to read book 8 ! It’s funny, scary, ironic, sexy and Charley is one of the most irreverent, supernatural protagonist’s I’ve ever encountered. She’s a youngish Private Eye who sees dead people and helps them cross over.. and she’s in love with a hunk who may or may not be evil…but he’s so in love with her…
She’s smart and goofy, but her heart is in the right place…
I’m having fun reading the series and I will keep reading until the ultimate end…

2 thoughts on “Funny, Ironic and Supernatural

    1. Hi Daniela, yes, it’s a funny and scary kind of novel. The characters are great. Charley, our protag’ is just the most irreverent character ever! I love her. However, some of the romantic scenes go a bit farther than necessary, but still, a fun and engaging series…

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