Enthralling and Heartrending

51xdj7pegfl__sy346_  Book Review of Washington Black, Five Stars

Stepping into this novel is like stepping into the life of a young negro slave in 1830’s Barbados. Faith sugar cane Plantation is ruled by Erasmus, a hard, evil master. But the young slave, Washington known as Wash, has an unknown talent discovered by the brother of Erasmus, Christopher known as Titch. Christopher, who is as kind as his brother is harsh, takes young Wash under his wing to help him construct a contraption known as a Cloud-Cutter, similar to a hot air balloon. Titch and Wash embark on a series of death defying adventures, but mostly, they are dangerous for Wash who upon his escape from the island with Titch is sought dead or alive by Erasmus. Over the course of years as Wash becomes an adult, we readers embark on a voyage filled with pathos, joy and heartbreak. This is a beautifully crafted novel. I highly recommend it for those who love history and dynamic storytelling.

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