Dancing with Baby


She fills the sink till the bubbles rise

She washes the dishes and she sighs

Just like her dreams, the bubbles pop

and disappear,

 till she is left

with only her fears

Baby is pulling at her knee

She picks him up, and twirls him, weeeeee…

The radio is playing its musical fantasy

Vibrating the air

And in the kitchen, there

She dances with baby on her hip

And because she loves

The laughter on his sweet face

She makes herself content to wait

For the dreams she knows she needs 

To make her life complete

And so, she dances with baby on her hip

They twirl around and around

Speaking words that make no sound

6 thoughts on “Dancing with Baby

  1. Lovely! Brings back memories – mine are 13 and 16 now. Still hold them sometimes with these memories. Now I understand why my mother still says – you’ll always be my baby.

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