Choices #WritePhoto

They were wrong. All of them. The deniers and the politicians, all were wrong. The scientists, denigrated for their audacity to speak truth to power, were far too late with their warnings.

Our demise had long been written in our carbon footprints.

Viewed from space, the earth is a living, breathing entity suspended in an endless sea of night, inhaling and exhaling with a blue and green set of lungs.

Is the earth sentient? Perhaps. It has defended itself from debris flung from the cosmos. When volcanoes spewed molten lava creating dense clouds that blocked the sun, it held its breath while all other living things perished. And we humans? We are the most malignant of cancers. The earth defends itself from us and rightly so.

Malice or retribution is not the earth’s intention. The earth is not evil or benign. It just is. It survives. Will we?

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