Dreams of Rivers and Streams #PhotoWrite

WE were wild as Indians, then

traipsing ancient paths

into the shadowed green

where hollowed out logs

became resplendent canoes

ferrying us down the stream

where tunnels of fallen boughs

arched like bridges above

oh, how we did dream, then

of bows and arrows and painted men

There was magic in those days

I need only to close my eyes

To go back, again.


12 thoughts on “Dreams of Rivers and Streams #PhotoWrite

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for liking my little verse. Childhood is a sacred place. Your photo brought those memories flooding back. I’ll certainly leave a link on your page as I’m not familiar with pingbacks. I don’t know how to do pingbacks, but I intend to learn.


    2. Sue, Hi again. I watched Hugh’s video on Pingbacks, though when I tried it, it didn’t work for me. It was different on my page tying to link to Write Prompt. There was no color box for highighting, or box to check after opening the link on my page to paste in your address. So I guess I need more instruction. Would appreciate some help on this. Or perhaps I should just link directly to you, but not sure how to do that either. Thank you in advance for your patience. Kathy


      1. Hi Kathy,
        To create a pingback, which is just a link to another post that will notify the poster of the link, all you have to do is copy the web-address (URL) of the page you want to link to, then highlight the place you want to put th elink in your text. Click the ‘link’ icon, which is the little chain, then paste the copied URL into the box that pops up.
        You can ( but don’t have to) click the cog icon in the box and, when it opens, check the box that says ‘open in a new page’, so anyone clicking the link won’t have to lose their place on your page. That’s it… really simple πŸ™‚

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    1. Sue, I followed you instructions and I believe did it. At the end of the poem, I highlighted, the last word, ‘again’, copied your URL into the link space and checked the box. Please let me know if I did it correctly. Thanks, again. Kathy


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