A Secret Weapon

 51mj7DtCJtL__SX277_BO1,204,203,200_  An EMP, Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon is detonated over the continental US and in one second every electronic device is fried. Cars don’t run, phones don’t work, televisions turn off. All communications through every media shut down, permanently. We are suddenly thrown back into the dark ages. Food runs out, no electricity, no medicine. It’s every man for himself.  What would we do? How would be behave? This is the story of one man’s struggle to save his family and his small North Carolina town.

Science fiction? No, it’s an all too real possibility as stated in a foreword by Newt Gingrich and brought to the floor of the US Congress.  The author, William Forstchen, writes a gripping account of what could happen. After reading the terrifying story, I gave serious thought to stocking up on can goods and supplies. Well written and engaging, I recommend this gripping novel to all who want to find out, what if. . .


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Lauren Miller is the author of a children’s interactive book for special needs children, and the recently published e-book, the Starling. The Starling is a dystopian novel for young adults.

The Starling

The Starling is available online at Barnes and Noble.

Book 1 of The Starling Trilogy chronicles the struggles of a teenage girl who, by a twist of fate, is transported through time to earth’s dystopian future where humans are dominated by a malevolent AI and Humanoids. Used as bait to draw out free humans, Jamie risks her life to warn them even as she finds herself falling for her handsome guardian, Quinn. The problem is he’s not exactly human.

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  • The Starling novel is a fantastically exciting foray into a world

The Starling novel is a fantastically exciting foray into a world that may exist in the near future. The writer combines great characters in a futuristic adventure with intrigue, danger, romance that is so realistic you begin to believe this will be our future. It is exceptional because the writer uses real scientific possibilities that are actually on the drawing board of techological advances. I look forward to the 2nd book in The Starling Trilogy with anticipation. I highly recommend this terrific novel.