Vacationing in Nova Scotia


Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

This is a beautiful coastal town we visited this week.  So many art galleries, book stores and other shops.  Great food.

The indigenous people are the Mi’Kmaq Indians who settled in Nova Scotia about 10,000 years ago after the glaciers retreated some 13,000 years ago.  In the 1500’s French Acadians (Catholics) fisherman and fur traders settle here and fought alongside the Indians against the British.  But, by the mid 1700’s, peace was obtained with the “Burying the Hatchet Ceremony.

More on Nova Scotia to come…..

7 thoughts on “Vacationing in Nova Scotia

    1. Hi, yes Nova Scotia is amazing in its beauty. I love the coastline and villages, but the vast areas of wild countryside is wonderful too. We stayed at White Point which is near Liverpool. Heading up to Prince Edward Is. in a day or so.

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    1. Hi Yes, it is so beautiful by the coast populated by fishing villages and a variety of architecture, from humble bungalows to gingerbread Victorian. Food runs primarily to fish and chips in the local villages, and the best coffee is by a brand named: Tim Horton, very popular here. They have great hiking trails with views to the boulder and tumbled rock bordered ocean inlets. :o)

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