How To Tell If Your Writing Has Slipped Out Of Deep POV

A must read for writers! Keeping the reader engaged is what all writers aim for. The Deep POV is how it is done.

K.M. Allan

Ah, deep POV. It’s something I’d never heard of when I started writing and was something I wasn’t even doing a year ago.

Since learning this wonderful writing trick (which you can read about here), I’ve added a new depth to my writing and upgraded to being a serious writer.

As with any new skill learned, writing in deep POV isn’t automatic for me yet and it gets drowned in my natural writing tendencies to clutter my scenes in stage directing, skip the showing for telling, and forget that deep POV exists. That’s the way I write my first few drafts and what I need to edit out in later drafts.

If you find yourself in the same boat, trying to hunt down all the places you’ve slipped out of deep POV, these tips may help you get back into that writing sweet spot.

Check Your Info…

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