Bellman & Black

Anything by Diane Setterfield is worth the read. I loved The Thirteenth Tale. This is one I’d never heard of. It’s now next on my TBR list. Can’t wait!

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17571907Title: Bellman & Black

Writer: Diane Setterfield

Publishing House: Atria

Date of Publication: November 5th 2013

Rating: 5 stars

‘’In the few minutes since the boys had left the place, rooks had come. They circled above the oak, fifteen or twenty of them. More were arriving from all directions. They stretched across the sky, loose skeins of dark marks, converging on this place. One by one they descended to alight in the branches of the tree. Ordinarily such a congregation would be accompanied by the noise of strong chatter as the birds flung sound at each other like gravel. This gathering was different: it took place in intent and purposeful silence.

 Every bird on every branch was looking at his direction.’’

First things first. This novel is the very definition, the epitome of the Victorian Gothic story. It is the child of a contemporary Dickens, a dark masterpiece by one…

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2 thoughts on “Bellman & Black

  1. Hi Daniela, so good to hear from you. Her writing is always so good. I love her book, The Thirteenth Tale. Her books are a bit dark, but well worth the read. I’ve got to visit your site soon. Been so busy trying to finish my book, The Painting. Take care and talk to you soon. :o)


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