Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic began as an intriguing mystery that eventually evolves into more of a horror story. Still, it was well written with interesting characters. The protagonist, Noemi Taboada is a strong willed society princess. Her cousin, Catalina, has married a mysterious and handsome man who lives on a mist filled mountain in a mansion steeped in gloom with a secretive family. Noemi travels there to find her cousin, Catalina, a shadow of the once happy girl. The only kind person, Francis, is the son of the husband, Virgil, a handsome man with extremely dark secrets. He is charming and at times, cruel. The head of the family, Howard, is a twisted man who leers at Noemi. He is pale and smells of a wasting decease. As Noemi searches for answers, she begins to have horrible nightmares. The walls of the mansion seep with mold and a golden glow. There is unspeakable evil in the mansion and the family who inhabits it. Francis tries to help. He’s falling for Noemi, but he is as bound to the mansion and its evils.
This is not a novel for the squeamish, however, if you love twisted horror, this is the book for you.

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